Billabong Sanctuary Photo Gallery

Billabong Sanctuary

Hands down, Billabong Sanctuary was our favorite part of Townsville. We got there just before 10:00 a.m. (just in time to feed a Cassowary some grapes!), and ended up spending about 7 hours there! They have shows about every half hour, and many of the shows are interactive.

There are plenty opportunities to feed or interact with some of their animals. We got to feed a Cassowary, feed a river turtle, pet a Wombat, watch some huge crocodiles eat, hold (and have our teeth cleaned by…) a Rainbow Lorikeet, stand next to a massive Wedge-tailed Eagle, hold an Olive Python, and hold a little 8 year old Estuarine crocodile!

Here are some of our favorite pictures. Cheers!

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  1. Joseph your a brave soul with that snake wrapped around you!

    1. It wasn’t too bad! The snake just thought he was a warm tree!

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